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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 11 June 2012

Movie Title



Nidheesh Shakthi

Star Cast

Jayasurya, Ann Augustine

It is surprising how debutant director Nidheesh Shakthi and scenarist Rajesh Raghavan imagined that they could make a full-length feature film with the storyline of Vadhyaar!

And it is surprising how the producers decided to cough up money for this one, the actors agreed to play the roles and the technicians took pains to make it. With a story that has been told in far better ways several times before and a screenplay, which is amateurish to the core, the film is nothing but a test of your patience.

Anoop Krishnan (Jayasurya) wants to do an MBA and to enjoy life, but he is forced to join a government school as a teacher. He is a misfit at the school, playing movies for kids on his laptop and distributing bubble gums inside the class, among other escapades.

Then there are the usual issues underlining how bad is our education system, why government schools should be promoted and how bad private schools can be. As anyone would have guessed by now, Anoop Krishnan turns a new leaf one fine day and takes his school to greater heights.

No one, which includes the director and the actors of this film, seem to have a clue about how to make an entertaining movie. What they manage in the end to stitch together some poorly made sequences.

Jayasurya needs a thorough rethink on his choice of roles for sure. Or else how can he justify the selection of films like this one and Kunjaliyan, for instance? Ann Augustine, who plays a computer teacher, has nothing much to do.

No point in mincing words, Vadhyaar is a boring film. There have been several gems in the past based on the life in school and the teachers there. Find a DVD of any of them instead of wasting time on this one.

Verdict: Avoid

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