Vadivelu says he will start his new film soon!

Source : SIFY
Last Updated: Mon, Sep 16th, 2019, 21:19:08hrs
Vadivelu says he will start his new film soon!
In his crisp video footage sent to Sun TV, veteran comedy actor Vadivelu said that a few vested interests are trying to stop his growth in the film industry.

"Vadivelu is no one without the support of people. Many of you are asking about my comeback. In life, there will be Shakunis, I also have a few here and there. But very soon you can expect an announcement from me. I will start shooting for a new film soon", said Vadivelu in his video.

Vadivelu also hinted that his new film will go on floors this month. The comedy actor is in trouble as Tamil Film Producers Council has strictly told all its members to not associate with Vadivelu until he offset the loss incurred to Imsai Arasan 24am Pulikecei team.

Sources say that Vadivelu and director Suraj are in talks for a new film.