'Vajram' is below average




Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 01 March 2015

Movie Title

'Vajram' is below average


Ramesh Selvan

Star Cast

Kishore, Kutty Mani, Pandi, Sreeram, Pavani Reddy, Jayaprakash

The four boys who grabbed our attention in the poetic Pasanga and well executed Goli Soda have teamed up once again for another wannabe action thriller Vajram. Interestingly they got a good premise and story-line here too, but Vajram does not come close to their first two outings.

The film begins at a juvenile prison where we see our protagonists Aravind (Kishore), Kuttymani, Madurai (Sree Ram) and Pandi who are charged for raping their classmate. At one point of time, a benami police officer use these convicted teenagers to kidnap the minister(Jayaprakash) so that he can loot the 100 cr worth property but the teenagers have different plans and they kidnap the minister’s daughter  Yazhini (Pavani) as there is an unsettled revenge.

The problem with Vajram is that the director has followed the commercial approach rather than the realistic way. Though Golisoda has commercial ingredients, it never went overboard but here there are plenty of logic loopholes, blunt dialogues and shaggy screenplay which test our patience.

Though the director has tried his best to explore the crimes happening inside a juvenile prison and how the teenagers are used by officials, they all appear to be forced in order to grab the attention of the viewers. Another issue with Vajram is that the film is filled with loud background score through which they have tried too hard to give a racy feel but in reality we couldn’t relate with the film as it has its own commercial compromises.

The film picks up only when the director introduces Thambi Ramiah character and he does full justice to his role but before that the film turns too preachy. Technically, AR Kumaresan’s cinematography stands out and is the USP of the movie. Otherwise, both editing and music are not up to the mark, that they don’t gel with the movie.

Overall, director SD Ramesh Selvan’s attempt to make a hard hitting story of four convicted teenagers is laudable but his commercial treatment turns out to be the real problem.
Verdict: Below Average

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