Valeba Raja review: Avoidable

Valeba Raja review: Avoidable



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 31 March 2016

Movie Title

Valeba Raja review: Avoidable


Sai Gokul Ramnath

Star Cast

Sethu, Vishaka Singh, Nushrath Bharucha, Santhanam, VTV Ganesh

Nothing is more awkward than watching a film that tries too hard to be funny,  Sethu’s delayed release Valeba Raja is one such film, which is filled with terrible jokes and lifeless writing.

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The film begins with Karthik (Sethu) meeting psychiatrist Valeba Raja (Santhanam) to discuss about his life story. Apparently Karthik has two love stories and to our bad luck, both are utter nonsense—he falls in love with Sweety (Nushrath Bharucha) on first sight but when she bashes a guy for wrongly interpreting her friendship as love, our hero decides to put ‘Project Sweety’ on hold.

Meanwhile, Karthik’s family plans to marry him to Shalu (Vishaka Singh) but the former tells about his so-called love story to the latter and she offers to help him out by telling her parents they need fifteen days to take a firm decision on wedding. During the process, Shalu and Karthik develop a liking for each other but suddenly Sweety too reciprocates his love to our hero.

The rest of the story is all about whether Karthik marries Shalu or not with a climax twist, which will blow your mind off!

The problem with Valeba Raja is that just like how Sethu couldn't decide whether to go to Ajith’s Arrambam or Vijay’s Thalaivaa in the film, the director too unable to differentiate between good comedy and wannabe jokes that he has totally grilled us with his amateurishness.

As far as performance is concerned, even if the director managed to cast Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet (thank God, he didn't) in a half baked film like Valeba Raja, we would have still ignored them.

Technically, the production value is below par and even the visual quality lacks the grandeur. Enough said, now you can decide whether to watch the movie or not.

Valeba Raja review: Avoid

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