Valiya Perunnal review:A wacky thriller with few fine moments

Valiya Perunnal review:A wacky thriller with few fine moments

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Critic's Rating: 2.5/5

Tuesday 24 December 2019

Movie Title

Valiya Perunnal review:A wacky thriller with few fine moments


Dimal Dennis

Star Cast

Shane Nigam, Himika Bose

Director Dimal Dennis’ Valiya Perunnal is a wacky thriller with its fine moments and humour but you will need real patience to sit through this one that goes on and on for 188 minutes.

The story begins with a robbery, as a gang wearing face masks loots the travelers in a taxi, driven by Sivakumar (Joju George). 

The introduction of the characters, whose connection with the main plot that is being revealed in the latter part of the narrative, begins then. Most of them are fresh faces but they are really good, giving the viewers an original feel of Mattanchery, where the story is set.

The hero, Akkar (Shane Nigam), appears in between. He is a really talented dancer and is head over heels in love with Pooja (Himika Bose), who is his fellow dancer. Their romance is beautiful but even that feels a tad too long, after a while.

In fact, the duration that the director takes in showing the details is perhaps what makes the going a bumpy one here. The features of the Kochi region is shown in an amazing way and the characters have been moulded in such a way that reminds of the settings of some of Guy Ritchie’s or Quentin Tarantino’s well appreciated movies.

In that way, the attempt here is genuine and that need to be appreciated. But at the same time, some real trimming at the editing table would have helped this one becoming more gripping.

Shane Nigam shines as a hero, with so much confidence and style. Himika Bose is good. There are some surprise cameos and they all have been used in an impressive manner. Also, the fresh faces have performed really well, which is one of the main strengths of the movie for sure.

Valiya Perunnal is a well-intentioned experiment, which could have been much better if it was short and focused. 

Valiya Perunnal review: Genuine, but way too long 

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