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Sunday 07 November 2010

Movie Title



A. Venkatesh

Star Cast

Arjun, Haripriya, Vincent Asokan, Ganja Karuppu

?Action King? Arjun is back with another commercial mass masala- Vallakottai. It is his hat trick film with director A Venkatesh and the film is a remake of Mammootty?s Maayavi from Malayalam.

The action hero is at his job again. His mission? The same old larger than life hero who goes to a beautiful seaside village Vallakottai (shot in and around Kochi in the backwaters of Kerala), and saves its inhabitants and heroine?s family from the bad guys.

The film starts at the central jail where Muthuraj (Arjun) a petty criminal but a do-gooder and the savior of the poor, upholding discipline in the jail. He helps the Jail warden to teach a bad guy a lesson and is named Vayuputhran (Arjun). On the day he is released from jail he promises to help his friend Bala another convict that he will provide money for the operation of his brother.

Once he comes out of jail he is willing to take the rap for a murder he did not commit, so that he can make money to help Bala?s brother! He goes to Vallakottai a fishing village and the bad guys who employ him are Nachiyar (Ashish Vidyarthi) and his brother Sethupathy (Vincent Asokan). They want him to eliminate their rival Easwara Pandian (Suresh) who had killed their dad and is in jail, but is coming out on parole!

Meanwhile Muthu meets Anjali (Haripriya) under difficult situations and helps her to fight the villainous brothers. He wears different get-up?s (Johnny Depp?s Pirate of the Caribbean and Kamal Haasan?s Thatha get up in Indian) and beats the baddies blue, as ?Vayuputhran? by providing vigilante justice. It is a bit of ?Daredevil? and ?Mask? put together, but leads to the climax.

Arjun?s looks jaded and Haripriya is there for the glamour element. Ganja Karupu as the comic rowdy Veera Sangili and Sathyan as Arjun?s side kick provide pedestrian comedy. Two dream songs shot in exotic Mauritius, with the melodious ?Senmozhiyae?? composed by Dhina being the pick of the lot.

The film at 2 hours and 20 minutes is predictable at every turn, and the narration fails to grip.

Verdict- Run of the mill

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