Vallamai Tharayo

Vallamai Tharayo


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 29 June 2008

Movie Title

Vallamai Tharayo



Star Cast

Parthiban, Chaya Singh, Anandraj, Karunas

Before release there was a lot of hype around debutant director Madhumita?s Vallamai Tharayo. Like every other young debutant trying to bring a fresh whiff of sensibility one hoped that Madhumita, the lady director would come out with some fresh and interesting film.

Unfortunately Madhumita has flunked, as she has made her own version of the Mani Ratnam classic Mounaragam from a feminist point of view. The film is weak in narration and execution. The principal characters look plastic and Parthipan has ended up with egg on his face, as the weakest link in Madhumita?s story telling.

His character has been badly etched and there will never be such a spineless characterization of a newly married husband who is willing to tolerate the torture heaped on him by his unsympathetic and cruel wife. Any man with some self respect would have given the wife character (Nandita) a piece of his mind and walked out of the marriage!

Due to certain situations (largely made up by the writer-director) Nandita (Chaya) is forced to marry Anand (Parthipan) a guy whom her father (Anand Raj) chooses. She is deeply in love with her cousin Sekhar (Srikanth in a one-scene cameo) and all her attempts to contact him and resist the marriage is thwarted by her dad. The wedding takes place and Nandita reaches Chennai with her husband. The couple realizes that they work in the same office (???).

Nandita is a stubborn and highly egoistic and just cannot forget Sekhar. She treats Anand like a stranger and they stay in the same house till one day she seeks divorce for a stupid reason. The couple are separated but from here the film becomes boring, characterization goes haywire, comedy scenes sticks out like sore thumb and above all too many songs mars the tempo.

We feel sorry for Parthipan who is just wasted as Anand especially post interval. All the respect that we had for him till then turns into irritation and little can we sympathise or even like him after he starts following her and adopts childish measures to lure her.

Chaya Singh has a dream role as the film belongs to her. But again her character is so confusing as her love with Sekhar is not established and when he says (on TV) that he is going to get married to another girl, the so-called love story between them turns out to be a laughing matter.

And the role of the maid (Devipriya) looks more like a caricature. She walks into Nandita?s house, gives her advice on her personal matters and speaks fluent English which just does not gel.

Madhumita?s attempts need to be complimented but somewhere down the lane, her direction turns amateurish. Bharadwaj hasn?t exerted himself much. The heard-before feel in a couple of numbers dampens your enthusiasm. The first song is a rehash of his own Unnodu Vazhathay?, from Amarkalam and picturised so imaginatively on Ajit and Shalini by Saran.

Verdict: Average

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