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Wednesday 25 October 2006

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Simbu, Reema Sen, Nayantara, Sandhya, Santhanam

Silambarasan wears many hats in his first attempt as a director, writer, singer and hero with Vallavan, a glossy packaged youth mass entertainer. The stylishly picturised songs in a music video style, especially in the first half is a treat to the eyes. But Simbu?s story and screenplay takes the back seat, and the plot goes haywire as he tries to make a film on romance, friendship and obsessive love.

The first half is a rip roaring rocker! It is Simbu's guide on how to romance. Vallan (Simbu) is a happy-go-lucky college student with a set of friends and Suchi (Sandhya) is his conscience keeper and supporter. Vallan meets Swapna (Nayanthara) and it is love at first sight. He realizes that Swapna is a teacher who is three years older than him. But he decides to woo her by turning into Pallan (Simbu) an ugly duckling with buck tooth and glasses.

Soon, after a couple of well-executed dramas, he makes Swapna tell him ?I love you? and they end up in bed. But when Swapna comes to know that Vallan is younger to her and that too a student, she rejects him and decides to marry another guy. Meanwhile Vallan?s school days come back to haunt him. Geeta (Reema Sen), his first crush at school, later becomes a psycho and is obsessively in love with him even today! Geeta decides to make life more miserable for Vallan. Will Vallan marry Swapna, when Geeta is gunning for him after kidnapping Suchi?

Vallavan is loosely based on two Hollywood flicks-the romantic classic ?The Notebook? and the thriller Swimfan about obsession, betrayal and revenge with a campus backdrop. The trouble with the film is that the screenplay plods in the second half to become a half-baked thriller where Reema's character is not well-etched out. Her deep love for Vallan, which subsequent leads to obsessiveness is not well-explained. And the last scenes of Geeta in a mental asylum force us to think that more than a psycho, she was a mentally ill person!

But the strength of the film lies in the first half as Simbu is able to attract the attention of the youth and keeps you mesmerized with amazingly shot songs and Santhanam?s refreshing comedy and one-liners. The kissing scene and bedroom scene of Simbu and Nayan could have been more sensuously shot. Simbu projecting himself as a superstar (a la Rajnikanth) and the digs he makes at various Kollywood actors goes a little over board.

One of the major highlights in the film is Yuvan?s tangy music and background score. Loose Penne?. and Vallava? are picturised slickly. Yuvan works best with the younger lot like Simbu and Selva. Priyan?s camera and Rajeevan?s art work adds a rich look to the film. Editor Antony seems to have fallen asleep during the editing, as the film (3 hours 5 min!) is too lengthy and need at least 20 minutes of trimming.

Nayanthara virtually walks away with the film and has never looked so beautiful. She looks gorgeous especially in songs and does justice to her well-etched out role. Reeema Sen as Geeta gets a raw deal as her actions is not justified, though she does her psycho act to perfection. Sandhya in that walk-in role is cute. And finally the name is Simbu alias Vallavan. Watch him meld effortlessly from the cool dude to the romantic man. He delivers an absolute knock-out performance and virtually holds the film together.

If you are looking for some wholesome entertainment, then Vallavan is worth your time and money.

Verdict- Paisa Vasool

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