Vallavanuku Pullum Ayutham

Vallavanuku Pullum Ayutham



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 10 May 2014

Movie Title

Vallavanuku Pullum Ayutham



Star Cast

Santhanam, Aashna Jhaveri

Santhanam turns full fledged commercial hero with PVP Cinemas Vallavanuku Pullum Ayutham. It isn?t just a perfect family outing this summer, but definitely blockbuster material which is an absolute fun ride. This Srinath directed film is a remake of SS Rajamouli?s super hit Telugu film Maryada Ramanna, which itself is inspired from Buster Keaton?s Our Hospitality (1923).

What works for the film is its simplicity in storytelling and the light hearted screenplay and steady stream of clever one-liners and witticisms. It tells the story of a good man triumphing against all odds and emerging a winner. Santhanam is the pivot around which the film revolves and he has slipped into the mass hero role with ease. It is an entertainer made like a Sooraj Barajatya film, where goodness overcomes hate in the last reel.

The story is wafer thin and as old as the hills. Sakthi (Santhanam) is a hard working young man in Chennai. He is an orphan and due to circumstances is forced to go back to his village to sell a piece of land belonging to his parents. On the train, he meets a beautiful girl Vanathi(Aashna Zaveri) , who later turns out to be the daughter of the village landlord Rayar (Nagineedu).

And in a twist he lands up in her palatial bungalow where they believe in hospitality to all guests. Later the landlord realises that Sakthi is the guy who he and his sons were waiting for 27 years to take revenge. Now, a cat and mouse game starts to get Sakthi out of the house so that they can kill him!

The real strength of Vallavanuku Pullum Ayutham is Santhanam?s robust performance as Sakthi. He looks good, emotes, dances and evokes laughter with one-liners in his own signature style. The introductory song Thakkar Thakkar... is well picturised.. Aashna Zaveri looks cute and is adequate as the heroine while the supporting cast of landlord and his sons though loud fits into the narration.

Music director of the film Siddharth Vipin and Rajkumar have some comedy scenes with Santhanam in the first half of the film. And the talking cycle (with TR?s voice) adds to the fun and frolic. On the whole, it's pretty good fun.

Verdict: Time Pass Entertainer

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