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Friday 28 February 2014

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Nakul, Mrudhula Basker, Atul

Arivazhagan, after the crisp and entertaining thriller Eeram has come out with a decent sport based film Vallinam. The film tries to highlight that there are other sports like basketball, which is more gripping than Cricket which is larger-than-life sport in India and craze among the youth.

Krishna (Nakul) is a good basketball player in Trichy. During a game an accident takes place and his best buddy Shiva (Kreshna) dies. To get away from the past, Krishna leaves Trichy and moves to a Chennai college. He finds that cricket is the most favoured game and given undue advantage in the college sports curriculum.

Slowly, due to circumstances mainly due to the villainous cricket captain (Telugu actor Siddharth) he starts basketball team in college. How Krishna?s determination and fierce dedication to triumph at all cost forms the rest of the story. He even wins over the rich heroine (Mridula) from the villainous cricket captain !

The trouble with Vallinam is that it goes all over trying to fit in mass commercial elements like fight, songs and unnecessary sentiments. Arivazhagan loses the plot half way through trying to make his hero a super action hero. The songs and the love angle sticks out like a sore thumb. The director should have concentrated only on the sports element it would have been a far better film.

Still it is an ok film. The camera work of Bhaskar, especially the climax basketball match is well shot. Thaman?s music and BGM is good. Nakul does a decent job but it is Jagan as the comedian who steals the show, while new boy Siddharth as the villain is menacing.

Vallinam is too long and should have been crisper to make it a bit more racy . On the whole, it is a timepass entertainer.

Verdict ? Above Average

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