Vanam review: A template horror-thriller

Vanam review: A template horror-thriller

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Critic's Rating: 2/5

Friday 26 November 2021

Movie Title

Vanam review: A template horror-thriller


Srikantan Anand

Star Cast

Vetri, Smruthi, Vela Ramamoorthy, Alagam Perumal

Director Srikantan Anand's Vanam is a template average horror-thriller. It follows the usual formulaic scenes associated with a horror film and the only interesting aspect is the incarnation angle and how he connects the past and present. But even this connection between the past and present is generic and predictable except for the final twist!

Magizh (Vetri) is an art college student and Jasmine(Smruthi Venkat), his childhood crush meets him after several years in the college where she comes as a documentary filmmaker. Magizh feels paranormal activities inside his college hostel and his friends get mysteriously murdered one by one. Together, both Magizh and Jasmine find out the secrets of the college and the Zamindar (Vela Ramamoorthy) who built it long back. The magical mirror that shows the past lives of others is the only interesting angle in the whole film, it also contributed to the climax twist.

Vetri follows the same set of expressions from his previous film Jiivi, Smruthi is adequate while the two senior actors Vela Ramamoorthy and Alagam Perumal steal the show, they score above the lead pair. Malayalam actress Anu Sithara comes in the flashback and she has been used to earn sympathy.

Technically, Ron Ethan Yohan's score and the cinematography department have done their parts well.

Overall, Vanam is yet another horror-thriller in Tamil cinema with an earnest flashback episode.

Verdict: Run of the mill thriller

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