Vanamagan review-Enjoyable romantic entertainer

Jayam Ravi is the sole draw of this film, and he works hard for his top billing

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Friday 23 June 2017

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Director Vijay is known for conquering the audiences heart with basic human goodness and purity of love in his films. These are formulas he’s employed to great success in previous films. In Vanamagan, Vijay has perfectly added all the necessary commercial ingredients and at the same time, he makes sure that his classy touch and screenplay nuances are perfect.

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Kavya (Sayyeshaa) is a extremely rich girl who lives in the materialistic world that she does not care about anyone's emotions and need. She is a poor little tycoon whose parents passed away in an accident and is being brought up by her guardian and father's friend (Prakash Raj), who looks after her business empire.

When Kavya visits a deep forest area near Andaman and Nicobar to celebrate New Year party, her car hits a tribal (Jayam Ravi). But her friends run away from the new found tribal, Kavya cares for him, she even names him Vaasi!

Slowly, Vaasi gets adapted to the urban world but he also subtly teaches the importance of human relationships and love to Kavya. But things turn upside down when her guardian tries to get her married to his son (Varun).

When Varun forces Kavya to marry him in a fit of animal rage, Vaasi beats him to pulp. The result is police arrest and they send Vaasi back to Andamans. When Kavya goes in search of Vaasi, she comes to know that the cops and her guardian destroyed several tribal people to occupy their land. The rest of the film is all about how Kavya gives back the land to the tribal people and saves Vaasi from her powerful uncle.

On the downside, Vanamagan has plenty of logical loopholes and a familiar plot but what makes the film interesting is the purity of love that exists between Jayam Ravi and Sayyeshaa.

Make no mistake, Jayam Ravi is the sole draw of this film, and he works hard for his top billing. The actor is in terrific form turning on his infectious charm. Kudos to Ravi for understanding the importance of the script, underplaying his part and allowing the heroine to steal the show. But at the end, he stands tall for his outstanding performance. Sayyeshaa is a promising find, dances like  a dream and has the screen presence. Her lip sync is flawless and her expressions are real for a debutante.

Thambi Ramaiah is another big plus of Vanamagan, his comic one liners work while Prakash Raj and Varun are just okay. Sam Paul is impressive as police officer.

Though the first half of the film moves at rapid pace, there is a lag in the flash back and pre-climax stunt, which goes over the top but Vijay compensates with the emotional quocient  in the end.The basic thread of the film is taken from Hollywood film George Of The Jungle and theme is that of Avatar.

Technically, Vanamagan is brilliant, thanks to the stellar cinematography of Thirru, who captures both the urban and forest life with great elan. Of late, Vanamagan is easily one of the best albums of Harris Jayaraj and songs have been beautifully picturised. The VFX portion involving the tiger has also been pulled off well by the team and it deserves  special applause. Ravi's make up by National award winner Pattanam Rasheed is top notch.

Vanamagan has its own flaws but it's sure to entertain  kids and family audiences. In short, the film is an enjoyable romantic entertainer.

Vanamagan review Verdict: Enjoyable romantic entertainer

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