Varalaxmi says director Bala is her God!

Source :SIFY
Last Updated: Sat, Jul 11th, 2020, 16:29:18hrs

Today is director Bala's birthday. Known for his award-winning films like Sethu, Pithamagan, and Nandha, Bala has been in a sabbatical ever since the producers of Varma blamed him for ruining the remake of Arjun Reddy in Tamil and scrapped the footage shot by him. They also remade the film with director Gireesaya and Dhruv's dad Vikram ghost directed it.

Wishing Bala on his birthday, actress Varalaxmi tweeted: "Happpppppyyyy birthdayyyyyyy to my god...!!!! He made me the actress I am today...!!! Happy birthday #balasir god bless you..!!!! Your suravalliiiiiiiii...!!!!!".

Only after acting in Bala's Thaarai Thappattai, Varalakshmi grabbed the attention of the filmmakers and got sensible roles in Tamil and Telugu cinema.

Meanwhile, netizens shower praise on Varalaxmi for helping the migrant workers in Chennai by providing food and water as they got ready to travel all the way back to their own states.