Varane Avashyamund review: A feel-good entertainer

Varane Avashyamund is a feel-good drama

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Critic's Rating: 3.25/5

Wednesday 12 February 2020

Movie Title

Varane Avashyamund review: A feel-good entertainer


Anoop Sathyan

Star Cast

Shobana, Suresh Gopi, Dulquer Salmaan, Kalyani Priyadarshan

Debutant director Anoop Sathyan’s Varane Avashyamund is a feel-good drama that involves a few residents of an apartment complex in Chennai.

Nikitha (Kalyani Priyadarshan) is looking for a match for herself and she meets some young men through an online matrimony site. Her single mom Neena (Shobana) is teaching French. She is a good dancer as well.

Then there is a chronic bachelor Major Unnikrishnan (Suresh Gopi), who is short-tempered and for that, he consults a silly doctor, played by Johny Antony, who gives him some funny tasks.

Bibeesh P aka Fraud (Dulquer Salmaan) lives with his younger brother and an elderly lady whom they call ‘Akashavani’ (KPAC Lalitha). There are also some other characters who are associated with them, like the dentist played by Urvashi who is there for some nice scenes.

The story mainly revolves around the romantic interests of the four lead characters. But even then the process of falling in love has not really been handled with the kind of intensity which would have made this one even more enjoyable. Having said that, though the storyline is pretty simple and predictable, the narrative is made engaging through lighter moments and funny interactions. The visuals and the music suit the mood of the story.

Shobana, who was last seen in Malayalam playing the lead in the 2013 movie Thira, looks beautiful and scores with her cute mannerisms. Suresh Gopi has been presented in a role unlike most of his earlier characters and he is good.

The pretty Kalyani Priyadarshan needs to be applauded for a really confident debut in Malayalam as a girl who is well aware of what she is doing. Dulquer Salmaan looks dapper and scores big time doing some of those funny scenes with his on-screen younger brother.

Anoop has molded Varane Avashyamund more or less in his father Sathyan Anthikad’s style, though the story is set in an urban backdrop. This one packs some laughs and fine moments, making it a good watch.

Varane Avashyamund review: A feel-good entertainer


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