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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 26 February 2010

Movie Title



Vemgal Jagannath Rao

Star Cast

Mithun Tejaswi, Payal Ghosh, Sooraj, Sangeetha Shetty

Director Vemgal Jagannath Rao, known for his horror flicks, has come up with a psychological thriller in Varshadhaare. His previous film was a disaster. This one does not offer anything new, as there are innumerable films made on the life of a split personality.

The film revolves around a girl (Payal Ghosh) married to a weird character. The husband (Mithun Tejaswi) is unwilling to consummate the marriage and it often leads to discord between the two. A confused Payal becomes a split personality unable to control her behavior.

There are other aspects to the film like a team that is developing trend-setting software. But the team members are murdered by an unknown person. There is a villain (Sooraj) who has sinister motives. The female protagonist is caught amidst this chaos and she has to save her marriage.

The story is not only confusing but meanders unnecessarily into new territories that add no value to the movie. Some thrilling scenes have been added to the movie. But they appear to be out of context. Then, there is the use of graphics. Again, it looks unrelated to the script. Towards the end of the movie, the audience is sure to be left wondering about the entire film.

The only saving grace of the movie is Payal Ghosh, who makes a debut in Sandalwood. The Bengali actress? performance is neat. Mithun, who has acted in a few films as a lead, is ok. None of the other artistes? performance is convincing.

Music by Ajaneesh Lokanath is pathetic. Most of the tracks are not worth recalling. Besides, the background score for a thriller is disappointing. A highlight of the movie is the serene locations of the songs.

Verdict: Below Average

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