Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 07 November 2014

Movie Title



Ranjith Sankar

Star Cast

Mammootty, Asha, Mamta, Master Nabeesh

After many half-hearted efforts during recent years, Mammootty takes the viewer through the pain of a doting dad, who has to face an extremely disturbing reality in director Ranjith Sankar?s 'Varsham'.

Using all the melodrama and clich?s that was seen mostly in films of the 1970s and 80s and is still the mainstay of most TV soaps, the film is a conventional tearjerker with limited surprises. But it is Mammootty who holds the film together with amazing maturity and total dedication, which was perhaps missing in most his performances of late.

Venu (Mammootty) is a wily businessman, who runs a local finance company. He is married to this stereotyped ?housewife? Nandini (Asha Sarath), who is jealous, nagging and as it always happen, has a maid to be updated with all the local news. The couple dreams to make their only son, Anand (Master Prajul), a doctor. But as it is mandatory in stories of this kind, an unprecedented happening comes up soon.

For all those who are no great fans of old fashioned family dramas, this one could be mushy to the core, but even then the film has its moments for sure. Though there are no efforts to present something new, Ranjith Sankar?s script hits the right notes mostly and he has packaged the film well. Manoj Pillai?s visuals and Bijibal?s music are good.

Though he has done such emotional dramas so many times in the past, like in 'Pappayude Swantham Appoos' for instance, Mammootty makes the anguish of a father look disturbingly real. Asha Sarath supports him with a good performance as well.

Varsham is a rehashed version of those stereotyped movies from the past, but even then it has been presented well. For the fans of Mammootty, this one is nothing less than a grand treat. Watch this one but don?t forget to carry a box of tissues to wipe your tears for sure!

Verdict: Good

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