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Tuesday 20 January 2004

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Prabhas, Trisha, Gopichand, Prakash Raj

Varsham starts off promisingly but sadly the script goes haywire after interval, as director Sobhan waters it down as a masala mix of various old films leaving a lot of slushy mess behind.

The film is told in a flashback as the hero Venkat (Prabhas) remembers how he met Shailaja (Trisha) in a picture post card railway station in pouring rain. Shailaja, the water baby who loves to dance when the sky opens up, loses her heart to Venkat that monsoon evening. The rain also makes her sensuous, which makes a local don, Telengana Bhadra Anna (Gopichand) lust for her!

Shailaja?s scheming and villainous father (Prakash Raj), a gambler wants to sell her off to Bhadra Anna or make her a movie star! (Straight out of Anupam Kher in N.Chandra?s Tezaab) The rest of the film is how Venkat becomes a one-man-army and protector to Shailaja from the clutches of her father and Bhadra Anna. All this leads to a bloody climax in the rain where good triumphs over evil.

The film has rankling echoes of Tezaab, a bit of Koyla and Upendra?s A and the climax fight is a straight lift from Van Damme?s Blood Sport! In this watery mess the only saving grace is Devisri Prasad?s music that is melodious and the performance of Trisha. Prabhas has improved leaps and bounds as far as emoting goes. Trisha has come of age as she has transformed herself into a fine actress with immense screen presence, except her dubbed voice that is jarring. Prakash Raj and Gopichand are excellent in their negative roles.

The major drawback of Varsham is the second half, which has an overdose of violence and narration is marred by two dream songs. The director Shobhan loses grip on the story after the fast paced first half. Still Varsham is worth a look.

Verdict: Average

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