Varudu heroine prefers Telugu and Tamil

Last Updated: Mon, Apr 12, 2010 11:47 hrs

The filmmakers of Varudu at last introduced their heroine Bhanu Sri Mehra to the media, at their production house. Allu Arjun, Bhanu Sri Mehra and director Gunasekhar were present.

Allu Arvind said: “We strictly adhered to our decision not to reveal the photograph or the name of the heroine till the release of the film. You all know that even the hero [myself] did not have the chance to see the heroine for a longer time on the screen. It all goes like a flick of the seconds.”

“He would look at her on the pedestal of marriage. The audience too would look at her at that time. So to maintain the suspense, we followed the strategy, and it clicked well. This factor also brought a lot of hype to the film. In fact, Varudu brought the highest collections ever in my career in a stipulated period of the film trade.”

Heroine Bhanu Sri Mehra said: “I came from Amritsar, but later settled in Mumbai, where I did some ads. This is my debut as an actress. I wish to do more and more Telugu and Tamil films, because I have got the information that the South is the platform where an artiste could prove his mettle so well and so early. I prefer to do the character-based roles rather than mere glamour roles. I am at present engaged to three ventures and I will reveal the details soon.”

Gunasekhar said: “Several of my well-wishers in the film industry suggested to me that I was wrong in concealing the whereabouts of the heroine and they insisted that I should reveal her immediately. But I wanted to stick to my point and my target. The voice of megastar Chiranjeevi became an additional asset to the venture.”