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Tuesday 10 November 2015

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Ajith, Lakshmi Menon, Shruthi Haasan

Vedhalam is yet another template mass masala film with few well etched out action sequences and feel-good moments but most of the time, the ship rests on the broad shoulders of Ajith, who single handedly makes us sit through the predictable potboiler.

Ganesh (Ajith), an innocent call taxi driver leads a peaceful life with his sister Tamil (Lakshmi Menon). Our protagonist has an evil side too (Swag gangster Vedhalam), where he hunts down three crime lords who caused unforgettable injustice to Tamil. What happened to Tamil? Why does Ganesh hide his identity? Watch it out on the big screen..

The biggest strength of Vedhalam is its first half, where we happen to see the super energetic Ajith and the suspense elements surrounding his characterization. But once the director breaks the mystery, things gets fizzled out and it is very difficult to sit through the second half.

Had director Siva concentrated more on the flashback portions, we would have definitely got an enjoyable entertainer. Vedhalam is yet another middling movie where logic is taken for granted and purely rides on the stardom of Ajith.

Also, major drawback of the film is that the much needed flashback portions fail to create any impact and we are unable to establish any emotional connect with the characters.

As usual Ajith steals the show with his nefarious mannerisms, especially the way he transforms from innocent Ganesh to notorious Vedhalam is a treat to watch. Lakshmi Menon has done justice to the likeable sister role while Shruthi Haasan has been wasted as another comedienne role along with Soori, Vidyu Raman, Kovai Sarala, Bala Saravanan and Lollu Sabha Swaminathan. The three villains Kabir Singh, Rahul Dev and Aniket Chouan are merely used as buffoons.

Vetri's cinematography has captured both Chennai and Kolkata with its vibrant colors. Anirudh's background score is too loud while the two songs 'Aaluma Doluma' and 'Veera Vinayaga' are enjoyable. Though Antony L Ruben's cuts are racy, he could not save the plodding second half.

Overall, Vedhalam is Ajith's one man show and it might enthrall his ardent fans for others, it's a formulaic film with few enjoyable moments.

Verdict: Average

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