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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Tuesday 28 August 2001

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Star Cast

Arjun, Sakshi, Divya Unni, Vineeth, Mumtaz


Action King Arjun?s maiden directorial debut Vedham is sleep inducing. Arjun should stick to patriotism, guns and scantly clad girls dancing in ribaldry. But here he wants to experiment with the idea ? ?To be in love for ever? but ends up making an insufferable film that leaves you with a migraine.

Arjun is a medical representative who us shown in the first frame walking through green meadows and saving the life of a rich estate owner Vineeth from some rowdies. Vineeth invites him home to be his guest where he comes to know that there is some kind of problem between the estate owner and his wife, played by Divya Unni.

Suddenly Arjun decides that he would save the marriage of his newfound friend. Vaguely reminiscent of the recent English film Pay It Forward - do good to somebody, and the good will one day come back to you. So he goes about trying to save the marriage of the estranged couple (who are strangely still living under the same roof). In a series of flash backs he regales the couple with anecdotes from his own life. How he wooed and won over Sakshi (looks ravishing) and his naughty twins. Then director Arjun looses track of the film as he introduces oomph girl Mumtaz as Vineeth?s cousin who wants to marry him. Mumtaz is introduced for the sexy dance numbers with Arjun. In the end through a highly contrived climax the film peters out and falls flat.

Arjun himself is totally confused-?n?-confounded by this weak and under nourished love story, which could have been more aptly title ?Vague?.

Verdict : Avoidable

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