Vedi Vazhipadu

Vedi Vazhipadu



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 13 December 2013

Movie Title

Vedi Vazhipadu


Shambhu Purushothaman

Star Cast

Indrajith, Murali Gopi, Anumol

After all the reports of Censor Board denying a screening certificate before its release, debutant director Shambhu Purushothaman?s 'Vedi Vazhipadu' is as ineffective as ?a wet firecracker?!

The makers have been trying to attract viewers with provocative posters and moreover, throughout the film double meaning dialogues are used with that in mind. But it all ends up in vain as the lack of a credible storyline is packaged along with bad performances and pathetic dialogue delivery.

The basic plot goes like this. On the holy ?Attukal Pongala? day three husbands are ready for an adventure with a prostitute, while their wives are busy. Rahul (Murali Gopi) has left his wife Radhika (Anjana) at the temple and picks the prostitute, played by Anumol, on the way back to his apartment. Sanjay (Saiju Kurup), a bank employee whose wife Rashmi (Anusree) is reporting the event for a TV Channel and Pradeep (Sreejith Ravi), a stockbroker, are waiting there.

Also there are more characters played by another stockbroker named Joseph (Indrajith), Pradeep?s wife Vidya (Mythily) and the president of the apartment, Mathai (Sunil Sukhada). The stage is set and in all fairness, there are some really good moments here and there. But the narration loses its momentum after a while and all the clich?s associated with adventures of these types follow. In a rather different version of last year?s ?Trivandrum Lodge?, suggestive dialogues are there aplenty for all those who are there for it.

Now, such a bold theme or dialogues are perhaps to be expected in an Adult rated movie, but the issue is the amateurish way that it has been presented here. As the end titles start rolling, you would be left wondering as to what the director was trying to narrate here.

Among the actors, Murali Gopi and Anumol are good. Indrajith comes up with a halfhearted show. But it could be tough if you were to pick the worst performances amongst Saiju Kurup, Sreejith Ravi, Anusree and Mythily. They all render dialogues as if reading out from some paper, without thinking about the emotion of the character. Sunil Sukhada, who has delivered some really good performances in the past, repeats his trademark style in a lazy way.

Vedi Vazhipadu tries to present a few genuine thoughts, but it seems the director didn?t know how to convey it in a convincing way. The idea to juxtapose Attukal Pongala and the hypocrisy of a few could have been made into a good script, but no such luck here.

The efforts to find sleazy laughs from a holy ritual could offend many and those behind the film could have been aiming to cash in on such debates or controversies. But if that happens, it would be like giving more seriousness to this rather ordinary film.

Watch this one at your own risk please!

Verdict: Below Average

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