Veera Pulikeshi

Veera Pulikeshi Review

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 27 April 2014

Movie Title

Veera Pulikeshi


Ma Ba

Star Cast

Bharath Sarja , Rekha, Ravishankar, Avinash, Raju Thalikote, Padma Vasanthi, Honnavalli

Seems like the latest entrant of the Sarja clan to the tinsel town, Bharath Sarja was in a hurry to make his debut and has chosen a wrong subject for himself in the process. Right from the subject, to the presentation to the dialogues everything has been mishandled and the actors have been under-utilized by the filmmaker. The audience is sure to remember Dr.Rajumar?s screen presence of Pulikeshi as they can't wait to get out of the theatre screening the modern Pulikeshi. The substandard attempt by the director has fallen flat and clearly showcases the inexperience of the filmmaker.

The story initially showcases Pulikeshi who grows up as a tough police officer. He also has a past where his father, yet another strong and sturdy cop, is killed by the forest bandit Veerappan. The situation forces the young lad to grow up the way he is. Pulikeshi is posted to Bangalore after having reduced the crime rates in Mysore and he locks horns with a local underworld don in the Bangalore city in the very first few days of his duty in Bangalore. The don?s wish to start a live band in the memory of his father turns almost impossible with the presence of Pulikeshi in the city. What happens next can be expected. The movie tests the patience of the audience at many intervals and makes it hard for them to watch the movie.

If not for Ravishankar and Raju Talikote, the movie is an absurd attempt. Bharath has made his debut to showcase his muscled body and does not garner the needed attention by the audience unlike his brothers Dhruva and Chiranjeevi. Rekha is just the glam quotient of the movie and we wonder why she chose such a subject. Director Ma Ba has to learn the aspects of filmmaking before he makes his next attempt. Avinash, Padma Vasanthi, Ravishankar, Raju Talikote have just been positioned in their places and add relief to the airtight atmosphere. Music by Rajesh Ramnath also goes hand-in-hand with the screenplay and has nothing new to offer.The film is definitely a failure and the credit goes to the entire team of the movie.

Verdict: Miserably bad

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