Veera review: Idea is solid & interesting!

Veera review: Idea is solid & interesting!

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 17 February 2018

Movie Title

Veera review: Idea is solid & interesting!



Star Cast

Kreshna, Karunakaran, Iswarya Menon, Thambi Ramaiah

RS Infotainment produced Veera is one more Tamil movie set in the backdrop of North Chennai. The film’s director Rajaraman narrates the history of Vada Chennai, small clubs (mandrangal )  operated by gangsters and how youngsters in the area are being used for the underworld activities.

Veera (Kreshna) and Pachai (Karunakaran) want to become big gangsters by heading their area mandram. A drunkard local senior  (Thambi Ramaiah) suggests them to get training from a retired gangster  Maal Marugan (Radha Ravi). After their training, Veera and Pachai sketches a plan to murder their Guru. Though Maal Marugan dies in a heart attack, gangster squads in North Chennai believe Veera and Pachai killed Sekar. 

Meanwhile, a leading gangster Kumar gives Pachai and Sekar their first assignment and that is to kidnap Renuka (Iswarya Menon) , daughter of another leading hoodlum  'Boxer' Rajendran (Aadukalam). Will the two rookies execute the kidnap episode? 

Rajaraman's basic idea is definitely solid and interesting, his research work is also laudable but the execution could have been better.  However, the dialect and quirky nature of characters  are  impressive. Kreshna sleepwalks.. and his trendy costumes and hairstyle are odd for a North Chennai boy. Comedy actors like Karunakaran, Yogi Babu and Rajendran try to evoke laughter while the heroine Iswarya looks pretty is just about okay. 

The film's run time is an advantage, songs by Leon James and background score by Prasad justify the genre of the film. 

Overall, Veera is an interesting gangster thriller worth a look. 

Veera review: Verdict : A gangster thriller 

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