Vellam review: Jayasurya shines in this drama!

In one of the finest performances of his career, Jayasurya plays a drunkard brilliantly.

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Critic's Rating: 3.5/5

Monday 01 February 2021

Movie Title

Vellam review: Jayasurya shines in this drama!


Prajesh Sen

Star Cast

Jayasuriya, Samyuktha Menon

Director Prajesh Sen is teaming up again with Jayasurya in Vellam, after the well appreciated Captain that narrated the story of former Indian football captain V P Sathyan.

Vellam is the story of a drunkard named Murali (Jayasurya). He is so addicted to the bottle that he becomes a nuisance for his family.  

He fools around with his friends without doing any work and is often seen lying in streets, totally sloshed. Just like most of his family members, his wife, played by Samyuktha Menon, has also given up on him.  

In one of the scenes, Murali is seen drinking his daughter’s cough syrup when he can’t find a drink. He goes with his daughter to the school for her PTA meeting but can’t control the urge to have a drink before the meeting starts and ends up inebriated soon.

He is accused of stealing a gold ring during a relative’s marriage function, which brings so much humiliation to his family.  

There are so many scenes that shows the dangerous way Murali is leading his life. Finally, it is a friend who takes him to a counsellor, which brings in a dramatic change in his life.

In one of the finest performances of his career, Jayasurya plays the drunkard brilliantly. He is real and genuine as he gets into the shoes of the character with amazing dedication.

Though the movie seems a bit too long at almost two and a half hours, it is Jayasurya’s performance that works mainly as the engaging factor here. The visuals and the music are really good.

Samyuktha Menon has a limited role to play, while Sidhique shines as the counsellor.

Vellam, which in fact is based on the story of a real life person, could be an eye-opener for those who ruin their lives with alcohol addiction. Try this one!

Verdict: Watch this one for Jayasurya!

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