Velvet Nagaram review: An average thriller!

Velvet Nagaram

Source: SIFY


Critic's Rating: 2.5/5

Friday 06 March 2020

Movie Title

Velvet Nagaram review: An average thriller!


Manojkumar Natarajan

Star Cast

Varalaxmi, Kasthuri, Malavika Sundar, Ramesh Thilak

Debutant director Manojkumar Natarajan's Velvet Nagaram is an average mystery action thriller. Two good things about the film are the superbly choreographed action scenes by Dinesh of Thupparivaalan fame and the crisp runtime.

A tribal village people are forced to vacate from their ancestral place so that a few can usurp the land for their commercial gains. An actress and social activist Gauri (Kasthuri) fights against them and all set to expose the people behind the injustice through a journalist Usha (Varalaxmi). But in the process, Gauri gets killed and a bunch of goons attacks Usha and those who help her.

Varalaxmi is earnest and delivered her best in scenes that are physically demanding, she is the face of the film. But in the short runtime, we get to see many other characters as well... so somewhere, she loses her prominence. The rest of the actors are just adequate.

Manojkumar Natarajan has tried to narrate a mystery thriller with western sensibilities and it worked to an extent, especially in the action scenes and the crisp runtime. But the small plot gets elongated and the twists are quite easy to guess. The film's background score composed by Saran Raghavan is pulsating and cinematographer Bhagath Kumar has done a commendable job in the action episodes shot in confined spaces.

Overall, Velvet Nagaram is a decent murder mystery action thriller that has its moments but isn't a perfect film due to shortcomings like logic loopholes and stretched plot. A watertight writing and more detailing would have given us a smooth flow.

Velvet Nagaram review: Watchable



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