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Monday 16 March 2009

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Bala, Lakshana

There's very little to like about director Mohanakrishnan's Venalmaram. It's a hotchpotch of several scenes made into a film, without a credible storyline or a gripping script.

To add to the woes, is a lead pair that is plain disgusting, as they ham it up like there's no tomorrow! No wonder, eventually the menacing villain gets more space and prominence than its hero in the story!

Think about this age old formula. Vinayakan (Bala) is a deaf-mute orphan, who lives in real dire straits with Ammu (Lakshana) and the two were brought up by a poor lottery ticket vendor, played by Mala Aravindan.

Of course, there is Vasavan, played by debutant Sarvajith, who is an epitome of all vices, who lives in the area. The masala in between has been ensured by the sexy vamp Sona and comedians like Suraj Venjarammood and Kottayam Nazeer.

And what happens next, if you are still interested and have the patience to bear it all, is anybody's guess. The director has chosen this long tested premise for the film.

If there is an award for the worst performance by a hero, Bala should win it hands-down for his performance in Venalmaram. His character is deaf and mute, but he takes it to ridiculous levels with his silly mannerisms and expressions.

The heroine too matches up with him in giving a forgettable performance, to say the least. Sarvajith, as the menacing baddie, soon takes away the attention towards him quite easily as a result.

Venalmaram has been presented in an amateurish and unimaginative manner. Well, it could also be a film that is not meant to be taken too seriously as well. Like for instance, a couple of songs in the film are Okay, but what can you say when they start playing one song after the other at close intervals?

Get some popcorn and watch the election-drama on some news channel, in the cozy comfort of your drawing room. It could prove more entertaining than this disappointing saga.

Verdict: Avoid

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