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Thursday 18 August 2011

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Sankagiri Rajkumar

Star Cast

Satyaraj, Alexander, Bhavina

Debutant director Sankagiri Rajkumar?s Vengayam is one of the better films that has emerged out of Kollywood this year. It is a small film with newcomers that exposes fake godmen, practitioners and con astrologers who create havoc in our society.

Rajkumar has taken his story from the many real life incidents that appeared in the local media about how easily people get conned by astrologers, tantriks and godmen who practices witchcraft and sorcery.

In rural Tamil Nadu, there have been newspaper reports how these bloodsuckers even indulge in child sacrifice, to fulfil the avaricious greed of the illiterates.

The director has set his story in a rural milieu against the background of a love story between the local Sub-Inspector Anbu (Alexander) and a bubbly girl Tamil (Bhavina), daughter of the village milkman. The village and surrounding areas are full of godmen and astrologers, who by their prophecy and poojas lead people to suicide or murder.

Suddenly all evil tantriks, josiyar?s and godmen are kidnapped by a mysterious group. Enter a group of kids who get influenced by Periyar?s teachings told through actor Sathyaraj ( Sathyaraj himself in a cameo) who comes to their school for a function. Each of the kids have suffered or lost their family members to the evil designs of fake ?Kadavul? or ?Josiyar?s. How the kids unite and bring the evil doers to justice is what the film is about.

Vengayam works as the story is taken from real life incidents and packaged as a rural entertainer which has humour, romance and sentiments. It?s got an earthy Tamil flavour and all actors look real like the deadly Kadavul Samiyar and Narabali Samiyar. The hero and heroine look and behave like villagers and music of Bharani is apt.

On the downside, some cinematic liberties have been taken. How could a bunch of kids kidnap deadly Samiyar?s ? Divine intervention in the climax as the hero takes on the gang is farfetched.

But on the whole Vengayam is a neat film about mass superstition and evil practices prevailing in our society. For that alone director Rajkumar should be lauded and encouraged.

Verdict- Good

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