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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 30 August 2011

Movie Title



Ashok R Nath

Star Cast

Suresh Gopi, Jyothirmayi

Director Ashok R Nath, who has made films like Saphalam, December and Mizhikal Saakshi earlier, narrates the story of an unbelievably virtuous journalist who is dying of cancer in his latest film, Vensankhupol. With almost every character in the story being shown as the epitome of goodness, quite like those mushy tearjerkers on TV or the old fashioned dramas, the film turns out to be a boring affair, after a while.

Nandan (Suresh Gopi), an award winning war correspondent, is living alone in a small room inside a modest house in Kolkata. He has not gone home where his wife Indu (Jyothirmayi) lives with their two kids and his sister Aswathy (Meera Nandan), citing his busy schedules for nearly three years or so. Actually, he is awaiting death and the reason why he hasn?t gone home is because his family would be worried about his illness!

If his concern was genuine, Nandan should have gone to his family as early as he can to spend his last days of life with them all, who love him so much. But then, why couldn?t they call him on the phone or at least send someone to know about his whereabouts? Even his colleagues or the doctor didn?t care about his pathetic condition and thought about informing his family about the illness? Imagine, these are basic aspects which have been ignored. So, it is better to forget about the other flaws.

The sequences, the dialogues and the mannerisms look annoyingly melodramatic and clich?d. The first question that comes to your mind while watching this inane drama could be that if this story is worthy enough to have been made into a film. But then, there are some of those ingredients like slow pace, theatrical dialogues, characters in spotless shades of white and so on that could turn handy for some film festivals or awards!

The script by Anil Mukhathala (based on story by Anil Prem) has been religiously executed by director Ashok R Nath, without caring much for the hapless viewer. Ramachandrababu?s visuals are fine.

Suresh Gopi has to keep a somber look all along and he tries a bit too hard in that effort. Jyothirmayi is fine as a devoted wife. Actors like Murali, Manoj K Jayan, Anoop Menon, Lalu Alex, Sukumari and Meera Nandan appear at various points of the story, without much to do.

This is an attempt to generate a sense of melancholy in the minds of viewers by narrating the sorry tale of an innocent man and his doting family. But all that it succeeds in achieving is to provide a grief in the minds of those who cared to watch it, for wasting so much time.

Watch this one at your own risk, please!

Verdict: Below average

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