Veteran producers miffed at Dhanush's comment on remuneration issue!

Source :SIFY
Last Updated: Tue, Sep 3rd, 2019, 18:32:32hrs
Veteran producers miffed at Dhanush's comment on remuneration issue!
At the recent press meet of Asuran Dhanush said, "Getting full remuneration has become a rarity these days. But in Asuran, Thanu sir settled my salary before the shoot. It was very helpful for me". At the same venue, Asuran's producer Thanu said, "Actors like Dhanush are helping the industry to survive. He let go crores of money for the release of his films, it's a rare quality for an actor of his stature".

Now two veteran producers have criticized Dhanush for his comments on remuneration, as it projects that most of the other producers are cheating actors.

AL Azhagappan said, "Actors like Vijay and Ajith are helping producers. But those who had invested in films featuring Dhanush, have mostly failed in the business. They are not in the field anymore".

Producer K Rajan said, "Most of the producers of Dhanush have incurred huge losses. Producers make films only with the help of loans from private money lenders, but because of the mistakes committed by actors and directors, they are facing a massive loss. Films which are made at a budget of 10 crores, has a market only for 8 crores. Eventually, these producers pledge their properties to overcome their losses. Actors like Dhanush have swanky cars, but producers are in the streets now. Some of the actors think that producers are earning profits, which is not the truth. So actors should stop blaming the producers".