Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 21 June 2014

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Ajmal Ameer,Radhika Apte,Mano

The intentions of director Rudharan is honourable but the way he has executed the film is shoddy and boring. The idea is noble about how uncaring our society is about mentally challenged people, whose relatives dump them in some asylum.

But the way the director goes about is tedious and old fashioned. The first half of the film he makes it light hearted and turns it upside down with lots of melancholy and depressive ending.

Vetri (Ajmal) Professor (Mano) and Ganesh run away from a Chennai to Otty, where they meet a lawyer Sujatha (Radhika Apte). For Sujatha it is love at first sight as she falls for Vetri. Some stale comedy scenes (Ganja Karupu), songs in scenic locations, Sujatha discovers after an accident that police are on their trail and they are accused in a murder case after escaping from a mental health institute! The second half is a long drawn out flashback about how society and asylums treats the mental patients and finally Sujatha discovers the truth about the murderer.

The story and treatment is a long yawn. The director has tried to fit in as many commercial items and in the process the film loses its steam. Why an introduction song for Radhika Apte, as it waters down the seriousness of her lawyer character?

Nothing much to recommend in the film which is a wasted and futile effort, though the message it tries to convey is topical.

Verdict ? Below Average

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