Vetrivel Sakthivel

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Saturday 17 December 2005

Movie Title

Vetrivel Sakthivel


Lakshmi Priyan

Star Cast

Satyaraj, Sibiraj, Kushboo, Nikhita, Vadivelu

Satyaraj will do anything for his son. Proof- Vetrivel Sakthivel. This time the actor has put his career at stake due to deep filial feelings but the poor boy is just not able to emote!

Satyaraj goes to the extent of being his son?s side-kick in the film as Vadivelu has more scenes than him! Politely put, Vetrivel Sakthivel is nepotism of the worst kind which is forced down on the audience.

Story- Vetrivel (Satyaraj) is a businessman in Pollachi who runs a textile shop, has a lovely wife (Kushboo), son Sakthivel (Sibiraj) and daughter who marries a guy with some underworld links. Vetrivel?s estranged sister?s daughter (Nikhita) is in love with Sakthivel which leads to complications.

How everything is sorted out in the end forms the rest of the story. All the way, it is Vetrivel?s brother-in-law (Vadivelu) who hogs the show in this predictable plot. Kushboo is Vadivelu?s sister (!!) and looks as though she came straight from her ?Jackpot? (game-show on Jaya TV) set with a decked up look throughout!

Arguably, director Lakshmi Priyan has dished out one of the most inept movies of the year.

Verdict: Avoidable!

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