Vignesh ShivN heaps praise on Nayanthara’s 'Kolayuthir Kaalam'

Last Updated: Tue, Jun 11, 2019 09:59 hrs
Kolayuthir Kaalam

Nayanthara's fiancé Vignesh ShivN watched Kolayuthir Kaalam which is scheduled to hit the screens on June 14. 

The director had earlier said that the film was incomplete and asked several questions on why the producer arranged a trailer launch with actors like Radha Ravi who needlessly spoke against Nayanthara and ranted many unnecessary things on the stage. But after watching the film, Vignesh showered praise on the conviction of the producer. Following is his official statement

“Regarding Kolaiyudhir Kaalam & Mr. MadhiAzhagan. Wishing the best for the film's worldwide release:) watched the film and felts it's a complete one & a good thriller for the audience to enjoy thrillers being the flavour of the season, am sure this movie Wil get the acknowledgement it deserves :) Solid performances from lead actor Nayanthara & rest the cast .. Sincere efforts from the crew helmed by Chakri to bring out a technically sleek & strong movie! Pleased to see a producer having this much of care & affinity towards his product Mr. Madhiazhagan's sincere efforts to give the film a good release shows his conviction for good content ! Personally we've had some bitter moments which I feel was unfortunate & unnecessary but end of the day it all takes a good conversation to end things on the right note :) We all work in the same industry & it's always good to have the good Will & positivity floating around always !

With that thought, I wish the best for Kolaiyudhir Kalam a successful run at the box office ! Mainly for the conviction of Mr madhi ...Cheers! Hope audience support this film like always!

God bless ! Vignesh Shivn"

Directed by Chakri Toleti, Teemu Takatalo has composed music for the film.