Vijay Sethupathy- Hat trick hero

Last Updated: Tue, Dec 18, 2012 06:16 hrs

This has been a good year for actor Vijay Sethupathy who has had a hat trick of successes with Sundarapandian, Pizza and NKPK. The actor was first noticed in Seenu Ramasamy’s Thenmerku Parvakatrai and has today become a household name with the spate of different films he’s done in a short time. Catching up with the busy actor, got some insights into his journey …

How has life changed post Pizza and NKPK?
I never imagined this kind of success, but now I feel very happy. As a struggler looking to make it big, all I wanted was that people should know that there is an actor called Vijay Sethupathy. But I never imagined that my films would have such large reach as they have today! So I am really thrilled!

Do people recognize you?
Life has changed in the sense that if I hang out at the same tea shops, I get mobbed and people show surprise! It feels good when people come up to me and talk about my films and how much they enjoyed them.

What is the best compliment you have got from the public?
There are many but when kids come up to me and recite the dialogues from NKPK it feels extra special because it’s always very difficult to reach across to children. Office goers tell me that they have adopted many of the dialogues from NKPK in their daily life as punch lines! The best compliment was when people told me that NKPK was their stress buster.

While preparing for NKPK, your latest release, did you talk to Premkumar (cameraman of the film) who had actually suffered the memory loss?
No we didn’t discuss it with him since he couldn’t recall anything from that period. My director Balaji was the sole person who guided us and we followed him. But when Premkumar told me after watching the film, ‘I saw myself on screen,’ it was the biggest compliment I received!

How tough was it repeating the dialogue Onnum Puriyale repeatedly in the film?
It was tough of course since each time there was a small nuance and difference to be added. We were hoping that the humour would not fall flat on the audience! That was our biggest fear. But thanks to Balaji’s direction, I got the dialogues right in the dubbing.

What next?
I have a few films on hand like Rummy and Soodha Kaavum. They are different scripts and I hope audiences enjoy the final products.