Vikadakumaran review: A lowbrow comedy with a shaky script

It could be a watchable fare at best for the not so discerning viewer

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 30 March 2018

Movie Title

Vikadakumaran review: A lowbrow comedy with a shaky script


Boban Samuel

Star Cast

Vishnu Unnikrishnan, Dharmajan Bolghatty

Director Boban Samuel’s Vikadakumaran comes with a tagline, “Brilliant Idiot”. It’s a comedy about a struggling lawyer who proves hard to be not so idiotic as he is known to be and has been perhaps modelled after the Bollywood movie, Jolly LLB. But the problem is that whereas Jolly LLB was smart and witty, this one is a bargain basement version, with ashaky script.

The story is mostly set inside a First Class Judicial Magistrate’s Court, where almost everyone from the lawyers to the judge himself are meant to tickle the funnybone at regular intervals.

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Binu Sebastian Choorezhan (Vishnu Unnikrishnan) who is practicing there is not a really competent lawyer. It takes a considerable time before the story reachesthe main plot, where a home guard is killed by an arrogant moneybags named Roshy Balachandran (Jinu Joseph). Binu takes up the issue trying to unveil the mystery behind the killing but soon change sides, to everyone’s surprise.

In all fairness, there are some good moments in the movie here and there but even the comic scenes between Vishnu and Dharmajan, which is definitely meant to be one of the highlights in this one, has been lazily packaged.

The dramatic twists and turns that have been presented with lots of drama is predictable as well. And of course, as it is a common practice in Malayalam, there are some heavy-duty statements made in the end to compensate for all the shortfalls until then.

Vishnu Unnikrishnan performs his character in a dedicated way but Dharmajan has a limited role to play. Jinu Joseph goes a bit too far as he tries to look menacing. All that the heroine Manasa Radhakrishnan has to do is to smile and be part of some song sequences. Raffi, as the judge, is fine.

Vikadakumaran lacks the brilliance but is not entirely idiotic as well. It could be a watchable fare at best for the not so discerningviewer.

Vikadakumaran review: Verdict- Lowbrow comedy

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Sudheesh Manchira @Sudhi_Manchira

#Vikadakumaran Review
A neatly made thriller in backdrops of comedy
Dharmajan & Baiju steal the show.
A good comeback for Baiju
Vishnu & Rafi also did a neat job
Speedy direction, court scenes, climax, interval punch & one-liners are major highlights.
Cd @snehasallapam

Breaking Movies @BreakingViews4u
#Vikadakumaran a watchable, time pass comedy-thriller set in 'legal' backdrop. #Dharmajan, Baiju, Rafi (Actor-Director) brought the house down with lots of rollicking humor, but an unsatisfying, confusing climax brought down the film from being Good to Above average - 2.75/5

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