Vikruthi review: Relevant and honest

Vikruthi review: Engaging and genuine

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Critic's Rating: 3.5/5

Monday 07 October 2019

Movie Title

Vikruthi review: Relevant and honest


Emcy Joseph

Star Cast

Suraj Venjarammoodu, Soubin Shahir

Director Emcy Joseph’s Vikruthi is based on an actual happening that taught a lesson or two for the social media users, not so long back. The story is basically focused on two people Eldho and Sameer, who are unknown to each other, who getting connected through an incident. 

Eldho (Suraj Venjarammoodu) is a deaf and mute person working as a peon in a school. Sameer (Soubin Shahir) has just returned from the Gulf on leave and is all set to marry a girl, who he was always in love with but never had the courage to express.

Both the individuals who are busy with their own lives meet inside a Kochi Metro compartment in a strange way. 

Eldho was sleeping in a seat inside the Metro and thinking he was lying there sloshed, Sameer clicks a picture and posts it on a social media group. 

The picture becomes viral and soon trolls start appearing about “a drunkard lying inside Kochi Metro”. But in reality, Eldho was sleeping as he was tired looking after his hospitalized daughter. 

Those who made life hell for Eldho now turned their attention blaming Sameer and he is in a state of panic from then on.

The script, inspired from the real incident, has been written in an impressive way and the packaging needs to be applauded. The brilliant performances from almost every actor adds to the effect in a big way.

In one of the best acting performances during recent times, Suraj Venjarammoodu just get into the shoes of the character that he is playing so convincingly. Soubin Shahir has to perform his role in a restrained way and that he does brilliantly. 

The supporting cast that includes Vincy Aloshious, Baburaj, Irshad, Jaffer Idukki, Sudhy Koppa, Bhagath Manuel and the rest are really good.

Vikruthi is relevant and honest. It has been narrated in simple, straightforward manner. Go for this one!

Vikruthi review:  Engaging and genuine

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