Vil Ambu review Verdict: Gone haywire!

Vil Ambu review: Gone haywire



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 14 March 2016

Movie Title

Vil Ambu review Verdict: Gone haywire!


Ramesh Subramaniam

Star Cast

Sri, Harish Kalyan, Yogi Babu, Nanda Kumar, Srushti Dange, Chandini

All the good and bad things that happen to us is directly or indirectly depending on someone, whom you wouldn’t even have met and every single outcome in our life has a reason behind—this is the basic idea of Vil Ambu.

Karthi(Sri) is a brash youngster, who does petty robberies and smuggling to lead his life. Without proper advice or guidance from parents he is solely responsible for his life. Meanwhile, in the same Coimbatore we are introduced to Arul (Harish Kalyan),  a guy who who is forced to join IT due to parental pressure, as his dream was visual communication. Now, bizzare as you may call it, the happy and sad moments of Karthi and Arul depend on each other! Well, that’s what Vil Ambu is all about…

Yes, the idea is super interesting and after reading this plot, any producer would have definitely said a a big "yes". But you know, good film making need something beyond an interesting plot, and they call it "a clear cut execution". Its okay for audiences to get confused by the intelligence of the director but if the filmmaker himself indulges with too many subplots and forgets the core story,  chances are there for the ship to sink deep.

Director Ramesh Subramaiam’s idea is interesting but he seems to be carried away for by far too many characters and subplots that he constantly deviate from his target. In short, these subplots outshine the external conflict of the film and thus, fails to hold our interest.

Performance wise, Sri steals the show with his local slang and perfect body language while Harish Kalyan is just adequate in the first half and shines well as the rejected youngster in the second half. Srushti Dange is just there for namesake with scary makeup while Chandini scores well in few scenes. It will not be an exaggeration to say that Yogi Babu is the main reason behind the occasional laughter in this plodding screenplay.

Cinematographer by Martin Joe has beautifully captured the unexplored Coimbatore city while Ruben’s racy cuts have helped the movie to some extent. Navin’s songs and scores are too good that he elevates the emotional and tense moments in the film.

Vil Ambu has definitely had an interesting idea but the director lost the path somewhere down the lane and missed the target by miles!

Vil Ambu Review: Gone haywire!

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