Village Lo Vinayakudu

Village Lo Vinayakudu


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 06 November 2009

Movie Title

Village Lo Vinayakudu


Saikiran Adivi

Star Cast

Krishunudu, Saranya Mohan, Yandamuri Veerendra Nath

Film: Village Lo Vinayakudu A sequel to Vinayakudu, this film treads a separate path, giving a fresh look to the audience. She told them everything except that he is fat ? this is the theme of the film and the director strictly went by his statement.

Karthik (Krishnudu), a school teacher is in love with a medico Kavya (Saranya Mohan). Kavya who lost her mom at a tender age is all under the care of her loving dad, an army officer Col. Lakshmipati. The tranquillity-loving man lives at a picturesque farm house in a village along with his brothers and their entourage.

Though the platonic romance between the hero and heroine goes for long, a time arrives when the girl finds it difficult to express her wish to her dad. By sheer chance, the fat guy arrives at the girl?s house and says straight in the face of Kavya?s dad ? that ? I am in love with your daughter.

The old man is taken aback and censures the match between them, leading the development of the story all of a sudden, though much of it is expected. Whether Karthik succeeds in his attempt to get his beloved or not - it forms the crux of the film.

Saranya and Krishnudu are made for each other going by the storyline. Their pairing up is not at all surprising either as Krishnudu had already starred opposite Sonia in Vinayakudu with same ambience as he did it with another girl.

The romantic moments between them give a funny look when the guy wants to kiss her. Anyways, fun is the dominant element between the couple rather than the commercially-exploited oomph. Rao Ramesh is simply superb and displayed no difficulty in his expressions. Bharat is adequate, while Yandamoori Veerendranath could give an impressive performance as a friend to the heroine?s dad.

Script by Saikiran Adivi sounds not strong enough to sustain the interest among the serious viewers. However, he succeeded in giving a curious feel to the story, by dumping the fat guy in the village, reversing his urban moorings of Vinayakudu, his debut film.

The entertainment part is made to pass off without any glitches with injection of cool songs at the right intervals. Dialogues are apt. Music is a big asset to the film, while cinematography presenting the Konaseema beauties comes alive. Editing is fine. Though the first half runs at a slow pace, the second half picks up momentum and gives a cool ending.

The major plus points are that the film is totally away from vulgarity, providing a direct invite to the family audiences.

Verdict: Above average

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