Villain review-The packaging is old fashioned and far from convincing

Villain review-The packaging is old fashioned and far from convincing

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 28 October 2017

Movie Title

Villain review-The packaging is old fashioned and far from convincing


Unnikrishnan B

Star Cast

Mohanlal, Manju Warrier, Vishal, Hansika

Director Unnikrishnan B’s Villain begins quite dramatically, with three men being murdered by two people-a man and a woman injecting poison at gun point.

It’s an interesting start as the cops begin the investigation.

On the last day of his service, ADGP Dr. Mathew Manjooran (Mohanlal), is asked by his friends in the Police department (Siddique and Ranji Panikkar) to take over the case. But Manjooran has already decided to quit service following a personal tragedy that forces him to take a sabbatical and later a voluntary retirement.

Manjooran is a brilliant cop, who was instrumental in setting up a Special Task Force to take on hardcore criminals. He had nabbed a don (Telugu actor Srikanth) , who manages to escape from Police custody.

Though his friends are not able to stop him from taking retirement from Police, Manjooran agrees to head the investigation team. Soon after three more persons are killed as the cops try hard to connect the missing links.

Okay, we won’t reveal more and play spoilsports.

Though there are some heavy duty philosophical lines added here and there, perhaps for an effect, the writing here is not smart enough to make the going gripping. The settings look good but the packaging is old fashioned and far from convincing. Dialogues are very artificial and everyone delivers it as though they are reading it from a piece of paper. It’s a shame because there’s so much potential here. What there isn’t, unfortunately, is an adequately fleshed out plot.

Even then, it’s Mohanlal the genius who makes you sit through this dull drama. The hero has done his part with amazing dedication and panache. He looks a bit haggard but is convincing in his salt and pepper look, and is sincere to his character. Manju Warrier is perfect casting as his wife and the two shares a remarkable chemistry.

Though his character has been moulded in a clichéd manner, Vishal as Dr. Shaktivel Palanisamy does an impressive show. Hansika makes her Malayalam debut as Neelima who gets a meaty part in the climax.  Rashi Khannna  makes an impact in that short role as Harshita Chopra IPS. Siddique and Renji Panikkar shines. The production values are good, powered by evocative photography by Manoj Paramahamsa and N. K. Ekambaram. Songs and BGM are major plus with 'Kandittum' number being the pick of the album.

Villain has been presented in a serious way, but is far from convincing which ends up as a plodding bore of a film. The plot is predictable from the word go, and yet it unfolds over an excruciating 143 minutes. For the fans of Mohanlal, it’s a chance to watch his brilliance and the honesty with which he performs the role. Only that his hard work is not supported by a competent script.

Villain review- Verdict: Average


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