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Monday 13 December 2010

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Vijayakanth, Madhuri Idaki, Meenakshi Dikshit, Shankar, Arun Pandian

Vijaykanth is back as a cop who fights the corrupt system single handedly using his muscle and guns. He even gives a demonstration to Scotland Yard on how the Indian Policemen are far superior to them!!

Virudhagiri written, produced and directed by Captain is in a way his campaign launch pad for the next Tamil Nadu assembly elections, which his party the DMDK hopes to capture power. He makes sweeping and hard hitting remarks against the current establishment, and how he will change the society if he comes to power.

The film?s title card itself is a newsreel like on Vijaykanth as a filmmaker with stills from his old films, his closeness to MGR, and highlighting his family members, wife Premalatha and brother-in-law LK Sudeesh.

The opening song has him expressing his devotion to Lord Viruthagireeshwarar of Virudhachalam, Captain?s constituency. The song shows his party flag, his party symbol the drum and showcases his policy and propogates what he will do for the voters, if he comes to power. Vijaykanth opts for a direct talk with the audiences. The film is peppered with punchlines against the ruling party and its sycophants.

Example 1- One of the villainous characters in the film Mansoor Ali Khan as a corrupt cop thinks loud. He says if certain people produce films, there is no video piracy and the CD of the film takes time to come out, but if ordinary producers make movies the pirated CD?s hit the market on the day of its release!

Example 2- A comedian in the film speaking to the hero through a mobile after getting a weak signal says- ?Sir I can hear you clear, after all your voice is being heard in Delhi too.? It is a clear reference that Congress High Command is listening to Vijaykanth.

Example 3- Similarly while bashing up a beefy Albanian villain in Australia in the climax of the film, Vijaykanth finally electrocutes him and says: ? In my land there is no electricity, but here there is 24 hours power supply, so I?m going to electrocute you!?

Wanna hear the story? Virudhagiri IPS (Vijaykanth) is the ADGP. He is a clean man who is fighting a lone battle against corruption. He finds that a gang run by a thug with police protection from the local cop (Mansoor Ali Khan), has connections with an international gang who deals in organ trade.

Meanwhile his friend?s daughter Priya (Meenakshi Dixit) gets admission in an Australian University, but on reaching Sydney she is kidnapped. Our hero goes to Australia and stumbles on an international gang who is out to besmirch the image of India. It is Captain?s call as he takes on the gang which has the support of Franklin (Arun Pandian), an officer with Australian Federal Police. How he takes the gang single handedly and rescues Priya from their clutches forms the rest of the story.

Verdict- Political Propaganda

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