Vishwaroopam-2: Kamal Haasan's one-man show

Kamal Haasan's Vishwaroopam-2 is a dialogue and drama drive film unlike the first part

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 10 August 2018

Movie Title

Vishwaroopam-2: Kamal Haasan's one-man show


Kamal Haasan

Star Cast

Kamal Haasan, Andrea, Pooja Kumar, Rahul Bose, Shekhar Kapur

By Moviebuzz

If you are a big fan of Vishwaroopam (2013), the second part would certainly be an underwhelming experience for various reasons. The first part set the standards very high in terms of visual quality, CG works, and stunts but in the second installment, things are more predictable and if you haven't watched the first part, its difficult to follow. But having said that, part-2 will keep you engaged till the end and at a little over 140 minutes is well-executed and engaging.

Vishwaroopam-2 is both a prequel and sequel to its first part, writer Kamal Haasan has justified all the unanswered questions and director Kamal Haasan has packaged the spy thriller with enough awe moments, without having a solid story. Vishwaroopam-2 is a dialogue and drama driven film unlike the first part which had a superb introduction scene, suspense, emotional moments and a strong villain. Rahul Bose is wasted here, as he is not as powerful as in the first part.

The first half of Vishwaroopam-2 has scenes explaining the relationship between Wisam (Kamal) and Ashmitha (Andrea) and we also get to know how the former becomes an espionage agent. In the climax of the first part, there are many quickly edited shots including the confrontation scenes featuring Kamal, Rahul Bose, and Nassar. A brief intimate scene between Kamal and Pooja Kumar was also placed at the end of first part.

All those scenes are explained in detail in Vishwaroopam-2, so basically most of the time, Kamal goes back and forth to rekindle our memory which tests our patience. The much publicized mother sentiment sequences featuring Waheeda Rahman fails to create any impact.Vishwaroop II (Hindi) review: The film is virtually Kamal Haasan's show | The Spy Who Dumped Me review: Entertaining in spite of mishmash genres | Redrum: A Love Story review - A rehash of skewed love stories

On the positive note, there are some very powerful dialogues depicting the patriotism of Wisam, a Muslim espionage agent, especially his debate with Ananth Mahadevan is a clap worthy moment. The film’s biggest plus point is none other than Kamal Haasan who shines in each and every scene. At the age of 63, the actor looks fit and effortlessly pulls off the daredevil action sequences. On the whole it is Kamal Haasan's one-man show which has never a dull moment.

In the first part, Andrea doesn't have much screen space but in Vishwaroopam-2, she is in top form with her one liners and she nicely slips into the skin of a committed officer. Pooja Kumar and Shekhar Kapur are just okay. Technically, Ghibran proves his brilliance in background score and songs.

Overall, Vishwaroopam 2 is watchable and its race-against-time thriller mode is the its major plus!

Vishwaroopam-2 - Verdict: Kamal Haasan's one-man show

Reactions from Social Media:
vasu @vasuchidambaram

#Vishwaroopam2 another episode In RAW agent life .. highly detailed and engaging with subtle humor spiced up here and there .. good first half

AirJordan @VJ_C
#Vishwaroopam2 USA Review Believe it or not this is one of the best indian sequels you will see in recent times.This movie deserves an oscar nomination for visual sound effects..mind blown.@ikamalhaasan and supporting cast did overwhelming job.Worth every penny.#Blockbuster

S Abishek @cinemapayyan
This is just outstanding! Bringing back the story after years, @ikamalhaasan stays true to the genre’ and at the same time, engages audiences by respecting their expectations!

Kasi Theatre @kasi_theatre
Absolutely thundering atmosphere here for the #Vishwaroopam2 . Here we go, #Vishwaroopam2 FDFS !!

TRolleshwaran @TRolleshwaran
#Vishwaroopam2 - First half moves at a steady pace with two well executed action blocks. Underwater sequences stand out.

Dwarakesh @dwaru007
#Vishwaroopam2 wow just out of FDFS .@ikamalhaasan sir pls don't stop acting and directing .Vera level marana mass action movie.Simple straight forward action movie.First half dialogues we're toooo good.The way you added detailed credit in the end s master touch.Kudos fr the team

TheReelReviewraja @reelreviewsraja
#Vishwaroopam2 - 1.75/5
Boring to the core apart from few action episodes , the film goes nowhere..
Poor vfx, lengthy scenes, camera angles, tone etc., will test our patience.
One of the worst climax ever & ending was forced.
Waste of time & money!!

Vijay Nathan @280Karthik
#Vishwaroopam2 : A Mysorepak without sweet fragrance in it !!

Prasant189 @Prasanthu12
#Vishwaroopam2 watched it great detailing by kamal sir by connecting story of part one with this vfx are just OK climax could have been much better vishwaroopam 2 is no where near vishwaroopam

meyyappan @meyyappanram
#Vishwaroopam2 enjoyed it. Only thing is the sentiment scene in 2nd half makes us to feel a bit draggy but other than that worth a watch. 2nd half could have been extended the duration feels ended quickly.

King Balu @balurocks99
Average first half.. No intense action scenes or engaging screenplay.
Dop is too good.

Vicky K Str @vicky_kstr
The story he narrated along with the 1st part is simply awesome.

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