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Monday 12 April 2004

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Mohanlal, Nayantara, Asokan, Mukesh

Stunning! is the word for Fazil?s new psychological thriller Vismayathumbathu. The film is a supernatural story that does not rely on too much of graphics or special effects and Computer Generated Images (CGI). The scare comes from the sliver of possibility - ?What is happening may come true?!

The film has a solid story, great acting and a surprise climax that not even a jaded critic like yours truly saw coming. Fazil has made it believable; despite the heights you have to take your mind to believe the story premise. It is not a typical horror thriller, although there are some frightening images which are sure to find you on the edge of your seat.

Fazil?s skill lies is combining supernatural with everyday life. Seekumar (Mohanlal) is a man with extraordinary IQ who has also a sort of sixth sense. He comes to the city as he gets an intuition that ?someone is calling him?. His friend at school Govindan Kutty (Mukesh) and Chandran (Harisree Asokan) welcome him and find a house for him. At night he meets a girl inside one of the locked rooms in the house and mistakes her to be a call girl whom his friends had arranged. He summons Govindan Kutty and Chandran and soon discovers that the girl is a spirit whom only Sreekumar can see and feel! The spirit is in search of herself and she seeks Sreekumar?s help to find out who she is? Sreekumar realizes that she is Reena Mathews (Nayantara) a brilliant medical student who is in the missing list of police, from the day of her journey to US for higher studies!

Sreekumar and the spirit try to find the truth behind Reena Mathews missing, as relatives, friends, police and doctors believe that Sreekumar has gone nuts. Slowly Govindan Kutty and Chandran are convinced about the presence of the spirit who can only see and communicate through Sreekumar. Together they try to solve the mystery which leads to a stunning climax.

Vismayathumbathu isn?t the usual comedy though there are comedians like Salim Kumar, Kalpana, Cochin Haneefa and Harisree Asokan to break the intensity of the film. Finally it is not a romantic film though love is the underlying theme in the film. Suffice to say that the film will surprise and mesmerise you. Truth is stranger than fiction, to Fazil?s credit he does not blunt the edges of the believe it or not story material.

Fazil?s control over the medium is outstanding. The meticulous and carefully written screenplay accelerates towards the climax which is absorbing and spell-binding. Only after the film?s chilling conclusion will you be able to fit the pieces of this ingenious super natural puzzle together.

Everyone in the cast is outstanding from a burly Mohanlal who is amazing as usual. Mukesh as Govindan Kutty and the rest of the cast are good. But it is Nayantara as Reena Mathews who has stolen the thunder with her author-backed role. The music of Ouseppachan is impressive and suits the mood of the film.

Vismayathumbathu is an audacious mind game that is simply unmissable.

Verdict: Recommended

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