Vivegam audio review-International appeal to it!

Source :SIFY
Author :Siddharth K
Last Updated: Tue, Aug 8th, 2017, 15:09:54hrs
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Vivegam audio review-International appeal to it!
Cast: Ajith Kumar, Akshara Hassan, Kajal Agarwal
Music: Anirudh Ravichander
Direction: Siva

Album Analysis:

Singers: Anirudh, Mali Manoj, Yogi B
Yogi B makes a well anticipated comeback and is clearly on the top of his game through ‘Surviva’. Anirudh deciding to make a full-length rap track is a gutsy move and the composer has cleverly interwoven the hero-worship lyrics in his vocals as well. The song has a lot of electronic EDM arrangements and the beats ensure that the listeners find the track addictive and foot tapping. The tune grows on the listeners on multiple attempts and Anirudh deserves a pat for trying to experiment on a major star vehicle.

Thalai Viduthalai
Singers: Anirudh, Harish Swaminathan
The song starts out with a scream when Ajith starts narrating lines that we saw in the teaser. ‘Thalai Viduthalai’ has ear thumping beats with suave EDM arrangements. With the lyrics matching its lead star’s persona, the song delivers its intended motivational theme. When played as a montage, this song is going to raise the noise levels in the theatres.

Singers: Pradeep Kumar, Shashaa Tirupati
Surprise! Surprise! In a heavily EDM dominated album, ‘Kadhalaada’ comes across as an odd man out. Anirudh has tried his hands on trying to add a classical touch to the tune and has backed up his tune with violins, kanjira & other traditional instruments in the interludes. Shashaa Tirupati, who has sung complicated tunes than this takes this as a cakewalk and aces it. There is also a reprise version of the same track in the album that is pretty much on the shadows of its original with a slight variation in its instruments & vocals.

Singers: MM Manasi, Poorvi Koutish
Pick of the album, easily! ‘Veriyera’ has a super addictive hook that works instantly. The song picks up intensity as it progresses and lands into something operatic & the grandiose could be felt in the arrangements. MM Manasi single-handedly pulls off the vocals successfully. When the brass backgrounds and the chorus portions kick-in, we realize we are in for something special.

Never Give Up
Singers: Anirudh, Raja Kumari
It is public knowledge by now that ‘Vivegam’ is a spy-thriller. ‘Never Give Up’ reminds us of the same fact by coming across as a James Bond-esque track. Most likely to be played during title credits, this track has all the ingredients to work like a standard listen-alone experience as well.

AK Theme Music
The mandatory theme music of the album! ‘AK Theme Music’ works like a WWE Entrance theme to an extent and has more substance in the form of its background rock arrangements. Should make its presence felt during the ‘mass’ scenes in the movie.

Vivegam’ shows us a side of Anirudh, which have never seen before. This is the same composer who went all-out local with albums like ‘Maari’. Vivegam’s soundtrack has a truly international appeal to it. Most of the tracks centre around its lead star and the lyrics are positioned in the ‘motivational’ front for most of the tracks. The mixing quality of the album is something that deserves a mention as well. With ‘Surviva’ scorching the charts already, other tracks like ‘Veriyera’, ‘Never Give Up’ are also expected to fight it out for the top spot. The fans of the star have all the reasons to be on cloud nine.

Picks from the album: Never Give Up, Surviva, Kadhalaada, Veriyera
Album Verdict: Anirudh adds an international flavour to a quintessential ‘mass’ album!

Album Rating: 4/5

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