VVS is a blockbuster - The Economics

Last Updated: Wed, Sep 25, 2013 04:52 hrs

By Sreedhar Pillai

Sivakarthikeyan’s Escape Artist Motion Pictures P Madan’s Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam (VVS) has slowly but surely turned out to be a blockbuster. The film released in 343 screens in Tamil Nadu and netted approximately an awesome Rs 27. 35 Cr in 17 days!
VVS released on September 6 and was an instant hit and took Rs 10.25 Cr in its first three days (Sep 6 to 8), phenomenal for a non-superstar film. The film worked as it was a family entertainer and had the rising star Sivakarthikeyan along with D Imman’s peppy music and 360 degrees promotions.

The economics of Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam 

Production Cost  =     Rs 7 Crore
Promotions, Publicity & Prints  = Rs 4.5  Crore

Total                          =  Rs 11.5 Cr

TN Theatrical collections  = Rs 16.5 Cr ( 60%  of 17 days Net of Rs 27.35 Cr)
Satellite Television Rights  = Rs 4.5 Cr
Audio Rights                      = Rs 0.35 lakhs
Overseas Theatrical rights = Rs 0.55 lakhs
Rest of India Theatrical Rights  = Rs 0. 30 lakhs

Telugu, Kannada, Hindi Remake Rights valued = Rs 1.0 Cr

Total Approximate Returns = Rs 23. 2 Cr

Profit = Return on Investment Rs 23.2 Cr – 11.5 Cr  Actual cost of production and marketing = Rs 11.7 Crore

VVS Profit  = Rs 11.7 Crore.

Please note VVS is still running successfully all over Tamil Nadu, and is to release in second set (C stations) for the Navarathri festival. It has potential to garner another Rs 2 to Rs 3 Cr in its life time run.

VVS is 2013’s biggest hit if you take only return on investment.