Wagah review: Irresponsible film-making

Wagah review: Irresponsible filmmaking



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 12 August 2016

Movie Title

Wagah review: Irresponsible film-making


GNR Kumaravelan

Star Cast

Vikram Prabhu, Ranya Rao, Sathyan, Karunas

What happens when a first time producer handover the DVD'S of Mani Ratnam’s Roja, Yash Chopra's Veer Zaara or the recent Kabir Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan to a filmmaker, who is an ardent fan of director Perarasu and Vijayakanth’s patriotic films?

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The end product will exactly look like Vikram Prabhu’s Wagah - with a way too outdated plot presented even more far fetched than those regressive soaps on small screen or patriotic films of 80's. Thirty years ago, perhaps the plot of Wagah might have worked but today, it just seems like a product of a  mind struck in a time warp. With all due respect to director GNR Kumaravelan, who earlier made the poignant Haridas, this is a lackadaisical attempt.

Story:Vasu (Vikram Prabhu) is a happy-go-lucky youngster whose biggest enjoyment in life is boozing and his cousin (Sathyan) encourages him to join the army as you get liquor at discount rates!!! And one fine morning Vasu, after two scenes, land up in Kashmir as a Border Security Force (BSF) jawan posted in Wagah border. His life gets monotonous and boring until he sees Khanom (Ranya Rao) and falls hook-line-sinker.

Soon a riot breaks out in Kashmir and Vasu gets to know that Khanom is a Pakistani who is in India to spend time with her granddad. Now, Vasu takes up a mission to take his lover safely back to her parents. But in Pakistan, he is arrested and put in jail and tortured.

But now the film has to end with heroism! Our man Vasu takes on the Pakistani army single-handedly fighting with guns and bazookas to get back to India amidst loud background score of Vande Matharam!

Vikram Prabhu is earnest in the film and tries hard to rise above a muddled script and poorly written dialogues. New comer Ranya Rao looks like a Bollywood junior artist with absolutely no acting bones and her lip sync is pathetic. All Pakistani villains are mere caricatures. Songs by D Imman are strictly average and they pop up at regular intervals that slacken the film’s deadening pace. Technically too the film fails.

On the whole, Wagah doesn't have a shred of intelligence and is irresponsible film-making at its best.

Wagah review - Verdict : Damp squib

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