Walter: A disappointing cop thriller!


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Critic's Rating: 2/5

Friday 13 March 2020

Movie Title

Walter: A disappointing cop thriller!



Star Cast

Sibiraj, Natty, Samuthirakani, Shirin

Sibiraj's Walter is an old-fashioned cop thriller with amateurish making, sluggish writing, and silly execution. The film test our patience from the word go.  

These days even TV serials and short films have proper sound mixing, dubbing and  technicalities which are catered to YouTube viewers, but director U Anbu has taken the big screen audiences for granted and delivered a sub-standard film.   

Set in Kumbakonam, Walter (Sibiraj) is an obedient cop who executes his superior's order meticulously. In a political game, Walter has to encounter an upright politician Bala (Samuthirakani) but he doesn't know the ugly politics behind the operation.  

Meanwhile, Walter comes to know that a series of new-born babies go missing from hospitals and some of them were found after a few hours. Who is behind the kidnaps? How does this subplot connect to the death of Bala? Can Walter find out the truth?

Though Walter's plot is not groundbreaking, it had  a decent plot for a commercial entertainer, which was not exploited. Sibiraj sleep-walks  and the silly romance ( Shirin Kanchwala) and songs at the wrong time, tests our patience. Samuthirakani, Natrajan Subramaniam, Bava Chelladurai, Riythvika and others fail to impress.

There is nothing much to rave about the technical aspects as everything is below average. watch it at your own risk!

Walter review: Below Average

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