We are not strippers Mr Suraj: Nayanthara lashes out!

Last Updated: Mon, Dec 26, 2016 15:00 hrs

Nayanthara has lashed out at director Suraj for his recent interview in which he speaks about heroines in general. Nayan who has nothing to do with what Suraj spoke - On Tamannaah’s skimpy clothes in Kaththi Sandai, the actress has decided to stand up for all other heroines who has come across in very bad light for this nasty comment of the director.

In a recent video interview during Kaththi Sandai promotions, when asked about Tamannaah’s costumes and excess glamour, director Suraj has said something in which he has degraded heroines. In this chat with few online movie trackers, Suraj said that heroines are getting paid in Crores and so they are not supposed to appear fully clad on screen!

The director further said that heroines should make low class audiences happy by wearing itsy- bitsy glamorous costumes. He added: "If the costume designer comes to me with the heroine’s clothes covering up to the knee, I would strictly order them to shorten the length. I don't mind even if my heroine is not happy or comfortable, but I insist and get it done. This is because audiences pay money to see the heroines in such clothes".

He further said with a smirk: "Let heroines show their acting abilities in television serials. When it comes to commercial films, they are paid only to provide the required sizzle to the money paying audiences".

This statement of Suraj on glamour, heroines and skin show has earned a lot of hatred among netizens and feminists. When everyone was speaking about it inside close doors, guess who has come out in open and lashed out at this derogative statement of director Suraj against heroines?

It is none other than Nayanthara who hardly gives any sound bytes or comments on any issue. Nayan is miffed and asks: “How can a responsible person from film industry make such a crass and cheap comment? Who is Suraj to say such a derogative statement against heroines? Does he think that heroines are strippers who will come and shed their clothes just because they are paid money? Will he dare to speak such things about working women in his family?”

She asks: “At a time when films like Pink and Dangal speak about women empowerment and respect to women, in which era does Suraj belong to? A heroine wears skimpy clothes in commercial cinema only if she is comfortable and the script requires it. And which audience is he speaking about who pay money to see heroine in bad light? Our audiences who look up to film stars are far more mature and respects women more than Suraj does. And by making such comments that heroines take money to shed clothes, he is misleading the youngsters who will think this is what happens in cinema. I too have done my share of glamour in commercial films not because my director wanted to please that particular 'low class' of audience, but because it was my CHOICE. No one has the right to think that heroines can be taken for granted”.

Bold! Hats off to Nayanthara who decided to break her vow of silence and step in to defend heroines. We wish Kollywood would stand united and protect the community against the Suraj's of the industry!

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