Wedding Pullav

Wedding Pullav

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 18 October 2015

Movie Title

Wedding Pullav


Binod Pradhan

Star Cast

Diganth, Anushka Ranjan, Karan V. Grover, Rishi Kapoor

The film follows the mantra that as long as there is wedding shedding, naach-gaana andlove shuv in the movie, it doesn't matter if the story is utterly predictable and done-to-death.

Two friends Aditya (Dignath Manchale) and Anushka (Anushka Ranjan) are all set toget married to their respective beaus. Aditya is marrying Ria (Sonnalli Seygall), who istotally smitten and keeps a karvachauth fast for him. Anushka is marrying a charmingartistic sort (Karan Grover).

When Aditya and Ria fix a wedding date, the elders in the family suggest that Anushkaalso marry her boyfriend in a joint wedding of sorts. They arrive in Thailand for their jointdestination wedding (where we see stock cultural shots of Thailand).

Amidst all the fun, confusion begins when Aditya begins to have feelings for Anushka,especially after that tacky scene where he sees her in a red dress. And hence beginsthe wedding pullav.

In the pullav mix is a gaggle of Punjabi aunts, a smattering of the 'puttar, badmash,tyaari-shyaari' language, the feisty grandmother, token sidekick friends with quirkynames like Petha (because he's fat), lame humour, and filmi wedding preps including agame of antakshari. Also in this mix is Rishi Kapoor playing a genial hotel manager andadding immense grace to the proceedings.

The thing is, we all know what's going to happen in the end. So it's the journey thatmatters, and this one is pretty bland and dull.

South actor Dignath Manchale makes his Bollywood debut with the film, and gives aserviceable performance. Anushka is played by Anushka Ranjan (also daughter ofproducers Anu and Shashi Ranjan), who falls easily into the role of the spirited girl butleaves out the nuance.

Karan Grover who plays the artist is far more self-assured, given his experience. Andthen we have Sonnalli Seygall, who we get to see this week both in both Pyaar KaPunchnama 2 and in Wedding Pullav. The lady is pretty, but leaves a lot to be desiredwhen it comes to acting, and looks so dangerously thin, you want to force-feed her.

With mainly shaky performances, it doesn't help that the dialogue is extremelypedestrian; and the dialogue delivery often out-of-sync.

The film is directed by veteran cinematographer Binod Pradhan. He is known as themagician who brings images alive on screen like in Devdas, 1942: A Love Story, RangDe Basanti and more recently, 2 States. He is not that astute a storyteller, but onehopes his magic with the camera will rub off on his directorial prowess as well.

The film has a few bright moments like the character of Anushka who makes herconfusion rather believable. However there is a time when both Anushka and Aditya'scharacters behave extremely irresponsibly, and this behavior is brushed away with thesweeping statement that when it come to love, there is no room for justification.

That may have an element of truth; but how does one justify such a predictable filmwhere we know the ending from the first scene onwards, and one that unabashedlyuses every Bollywood wedding cliche in the book?

Rating: 1.5 stars

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