Welcome to Central Jail review: Lowbrow comedy

Welcome to Central Jail review: Lowbrow comedy



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 12 September 2016

Movie Title

Welcome to Central Jail review: Lowbrow comedy



Star Cast

Dileep, Vedhika

You don't go for a Dileep comedy releasing for Onam, looking for sharp wit or classy dialogues. The problem with Welcome to Central Jail is that it is highly idiotic, not particularly well-written, and most of all, it's a film that completely disregards one's intelligence.

Anyone who thought that how terrible it is to be in a jail even for a day, this Sundardass comedy is like being sentenced to life inside one! You will need some extra brain to understand the logic behind its basic plot.

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When Unnikkuttan (Dileep) was born in 1990, his parents were in jail. He grew up there and that is the place where he wants to be. If he can't go to the jail in place of someone else, he even does weird things to go back to jail.

If you still have the patience to listen to the rest of the story, there are some twists in the tale waiting for you.

Unnikkuttan falls for Radhika (Vedhika), who runs a studio, during one of his rare visits outside the jail. Needless to add, she reciprocates the feelings like she was waiting for that.

Since this one is a comedy, there are quite a few actors in attendance just to do stupidity that is expected to make us laugh. But with cooked up scenes that are barely convincing, all you feel like is to yawn when the comedians try hard to tickle your funny bone.

Comedians like Sharafuddeen, Hareesh Perumanna and Dharmajan, who all were key factors in some of the recent hits, have been wasted with no good lines or scenes. Even the double meaning dialogues doesn't help.

A talented actor like Dileep is wasted in a film which has zilch to offer as entertainment. Vedhika look glamorous during the dream song sequences and for the rest of the scenes, she manages with a single expression.

For the few stray moments of humour in this otherwise banal film, Welcome to Central Jail is a boring misadventure. If you are fine with it, buy a ticket to this jail.

Welcome to Central Jail review-Verdict: Lowbrow comedy

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