What's next for Tejaswi Madivada?

Last Updated: Wed, Sep 12, 2018 13:24 hrs
Tejaswi Madivada

When Tejaswi Madivada contested in Bigg Boss 2, it opened new avenues for her. Those who had forgotten her now got to know her somewhat because of this ultra-popular show. But she was soon evicted from the house for her bad attitude.

After she was eliminated, the youngster made a lot of noise about her stint in the Bigg Boss house. She tried to create some hoopla when she blamed the editors of the reality show for projecting content selectively. "Do you know what all happens in 24 hours inside the house? You get to see only 45 minutes of content," Tejaswi said.

But even this social media appearance, where Tejaswi cried foul, hasn't helped her. Nobody is showing any interest in her. The push that the reality show was hoped to give her is absent. No notable film offers are coming her way!

Tejaswi has always been considered quite apt to play heroine's friend's roles in medium range movies. A couple of web series have failed to revive her career. She played a female lead in a dud a couple of years ago. At this stage, she is looking for that magical break in films. But will she get any?