White review- Dull and Boring

A blatant act of impudence



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 01 August 2016

Movie Title

White review- Dull and Boring


Uday Ananthan

Star Cast

Mammootty, Huma Qureshi

It requires more effort to write this review than what has been put into the making of this damp squib named White, directed by Uday Ananthan. In a star studded industry where projects are decided based on the dates doled out by saleable stars, this one is a blatant act of impudence.

The story is being narrated by Roshni Menon (Huma Qureshi), a smart executive who has been sent to London by a major company. She has to double the sales, but all Roshni is seen doing for a significant time during the first half is following some ‘yawnable’ tricks played by a millionaire named Prakash Roy (Mammootty), after she saved him from death!

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Perhaps like those initial sequences from Mayamayooram, Prakash threatens and even blackmail Roshni, making her terribly annoyed at one point.

Guess what happens next? As you would have guessed by now, Roshni falls head over heels in love with Prakash after some sequences that you have seen many times in these kind of stories.

For all those interested still, there is a flashback, some drama, more drama and a predictable climax. By then all you would have in mind is some regulation in this land whereby you can demand the producer to repay your money for making you sit through this silly misadventure.

With laughable lines rendered as if some high funda philosophical lessons, this one has a script that is not even the worth the value of the paper used to write it. The lead pair wear flashy dresses and walk endlessly through the streets saying dialogues that barely makes some sense.

The millionaire gives crores by way of charity and has some fancy homes all across London, but there is no sight of what he actually does, his friends or his staff anywhere in the vicinity. There are some twists and turns happening towards the end, but it has been so poorly made that we would barely understand what the film was trying to convey!

We can go on and on but then we will have to discuss about this film’s absurd climax. Let’s not do it for the sake of those who want to see this one.

Mammootty looks handsome but it is obvious that he lost interest somewhere along the line and looks disinterested from then on. Spare a thought for the talented Huma Qureshi, who seems to have no clue about the mess that she is in, as she does her pathetically written role with great dedication.

It is not clear what the relevance of the title White is, but then nothing much in this one makes any sense. As one of the trolls suggested, considering the excessive makeup used by the lead pair, this one should have been called “White cement” instead! Watch this one only at your risk.

White review- Verdict: Dull and Boring

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